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High School Competition “BeMediActive”




The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) are inviting high school students in the country to apply for the #BeMediActive) competition and mark together the European Media Literacy Week 2020. High school students should send proposals for making journalistic stories that will be produced in partnership with one of the media in the Republic of Northern Macedonia. Proposed ideas for journalistic stories should contain a clear explanation of a problem facing young people. The idea of ​​the competition is for high school students to acquire new or improve their existing journalistic skills and through media support and journalistic training, to draw public attention and challenge decision makers to solve youth problems.


The competition is open to all high school students from first to fourth year who will apply with a team of four students and one professor-coordinator, all from the same school. The teams should submit a completed application and written consent from the editor-in-chief of the medium with which they will prepare the proposed journalistic story. All radio and television stations, newspapers and online media that are registered in the register of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia have the right to participate. With the consent, the media shows willingness to join the celebration of the European Media Literacy Week 2020. The media should appoint an experienced journalist who will work with students, monitor the production process of the team and publish their story in March or April 2020. .

Each team can submit only one proposal. Multiple teams can apply from one school. A teacher can be the coordinator of several teams from the same school.


The competition will select six teams whose stories should be completed by March 13, 2020. The format of the stories should be appropriate to the partner medium (radio or television report, article and / or multimedia story). Journalistic stories can be done in the languages ​​used in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

For all participants in the teams and for the journalists from the partner media, ICS as the organizer of the competition, will organize one-day workshops that will detail the preparation of the story: determining the sources, data collection, field research, format and length of the journalistic story. production and publishing plan. Students will produce the story themselves (with mobile phones). The media partner will provide them with mentoring support through the journalist who will follow and direct them in their work.

ICS will organize the trainings and cover the travel expenses for the participants in the trainings.

Each high school team will receive 400 euros in MKD value for production and field work costs.

Each journalist from the media partner will receive 200 euros in MKD value for the mentoring role in the production of the story.

All journalistic stories, in addition to being published in the media, will be presented at the debate as a final event that ICS and the Delegation of the European Union will organize at the end of March 2020 in Skopje and will be part of a series of events organized by the European Commission as part of the European Media Literacy Week.


Ideas for journalistic stories should reflect the problem, emergence and necessity of change that young people need. Students should clearly point out how this problem is reflected in the quality of life of young people, what are the reasons that lead to it and where they see the solution.

The proposal can cover different areas: secondary education, local youth problem, youth initiatives and activism, (dis) respect for the right to a healthy environment, ecology, culture and opportunities for cultural expression of youth, youth and media, social and health care, sports and youth, etc.

Hence, the content and argumentation of the problem and the clarity of the message that high school students should send with their journalistic story are extremely important. Preference will be given to proposals with an original idea and the expressed will to apply research journalistic techniques.


Applicants should fill out an Application, Consent from the Editor-in-Chief of the medium-partner that they will submit to the e-mail address no later than February 16, 2020.


The selection of the six proposals for journalistic stories will be made by a five-member commission, composed of three ICS representatives, one high school student and one professor who have been active correspondents of the high school newspaper “Medium” for the last 4-5 years.

The results for the selected participants will be published on medium.edu.mk on February 19, 2020.


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