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The Institute of Communication Studies is a leading research organization in the field of journalism and media studies, public relations and corporate communications. Our mission is to contribute towards strengthening of Macedonian democracy by working with media, civil society and public institutions, educating a critical public that will ask for greater transparency and accountability through engagement in the policy creation process.


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Erasmus+ Programe

What is the Erasmus+ Program?

Erasmus+ is a program managed by the European Commission that allows students from European countries to study and complete part of their studies in another country that has an Erasmus+ Program.

The academic mobility enables the students to exchange educational experience in a different academic, cultural and social environment. As a result, students who have achieved student mobility increase their employment opportunities, the awareness among individuals is increased and the level of tolerance and awareness of the need to fight all forms of discrimination. As part of the program, ICS provides students with a study stay at one of the higher educational institutions in Europe with which we have a cooperation agreement.

Who is the program intended for?

The program is intended for all students with Macedonian citizenship who are, at the time of implementation of the mobility, currently enrolled in at least a second year of studies.

Source of funds

The monthly amount of funding for the students is determined in accordance with the funding rules of the European Commission, after consultation with the Erasmus Coordinator of the ICS.

Duration of the study stay

The minimum duration for student mobility is 3 months, and the maximum is 12 months.

Application Requirements:
  • The students have completed the first year of studies;
  • They have achieved good overall success during their studies;
  • They have excellent knowledge of the English language.
What the mobility procedure looks like?

Before leaving for Erasmus+ study stay, the following is required:

  1. Signing of a Grant Agreement covering the mobility period. The agreement should be signed between the student and ICS.
  2. Signing of a “Learning agreement” for defining of the study program, which is approved and signed by the student, ICS and the foreign university.
  3. Handing over of the “Student Erasmus+ Charter” which sets out the rights and obligations of the student during the exchange abroad.

At the end of the study period abroad:

The host university must provide the student with complete records – confirmation that the agreed program has been implemented and delivered along with a transcript of records. At the same time, the university must provide full academic recognition for the activities that have been performed in a satisfactory manner during the mobility period as stipulated in the Learning agreement, using ECTS credits or an equivalent system.

Information and contact:

For more information on the Erasmus+ program, Bojan Georgievski is the Erasmus coordinator available at .