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This is made possible by the digital platform that supports the Water Ledger - a water management database - and the Methodology for Monitoring of Water, which were developed within the “Clear it Up” campaign, for the needs of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP).

The existence of information system on water permits issued, the degree of water pollution and identification of pollutions sources should be the basis for the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP) in pursuing a sustainable water policy. The degree of harmful impact cannot be determined in the absence of full records of users and water polluters, so each administrative measure adopted by the MoEPP is ad hoc. Anyone can discharge harmful and dangerous substances without a permit, can pollute and not be subject to sanctions for illegal actions.

The current monitoring of water quality and quantity in Macedonia is inadequate to give a realistic picture of the current state of the water resources. The reasons for this situation are the lack of monitoring programs and cartographic representations in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Waters, insufficient financial and human resources, poor condition of the state measuring stations and the failure to meet the internal monitoring obligations.

An investment of approximately 1.7 billion euros is needed to treat urban wastewater, which is now discharged directly into rivers, lakes and soils. Water is a resource that is consumed indefinitely, and for years the competent institutions have not had a real insight into the quality and quantity of waters in North Macedonia.