About ICS

The Institute of Communication Studies is a leading research organization in the field of journalism and media studies, public relations and corporate communications. Our mission is to contribute towards strengthening of Macedonian democracy by working with media, civil society and public institutions, educating a critical public that will ask for greater transparency and accountability through engagement in the policy creation process.



Stories about people who encourage and inspire, about the culture of living and forgotten places, as well as analyzes of relevant social topics. These are some of the final media products created by the 60 participants of the first generation of master classes in media and journalism "Prepare yourself for the digital age".

Transparent reporting, but also setbacks of the procedures for granting concessions for goods of common interest. This is provided by the Law on Concessions of Goods of General Interest, proposed by the Ministry of Economy, after the process of public consultation, involving the Institute of Communication Studies and the civil society organizations Green Institute, Zdrava kotlina (Healthy Valley), and Front 21/42, within the "Clear it Up" campaign.