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State Environmental Inspectorate’s Platform for Reporting Pollution Launched

Citizens now have an option to report pollution to the State Environmental Inspectorate via their social media and e-mail or via the Inspectorate’s website, which significantly facilitates the process of quickly obtaining reports, keeping a record of reports and timely response by inspectors.

Today, the State Environmental Inspectorate presented the online platform that enables applications that arrive from citizens through different online channels (Facebook, e-mail addresses, web pages) to be collected at a single point and be more efficiently distributed to the competent inspectors, so as to be able to follow cases of pollution more easily and to better coordinate the inspectors and their tasks, as well as to answer to the citizens who filed a report whether and what kind of actions have been taken in regards to their report.

The application process is simple, by sending a message through the Facebook page of the State Environmental Inspectorate, to the e-mail address , the website www.sei.gov.mk or by clicking the Report button on the e-Map of polluters www.mapanazagaduvaci.mk. In the application, the citizens should briefly describe the problem they are reporting, state the location where they noticed the pollution, attach a picture or video if possible and state their contact details (name and surname, telephone number or e-mail address) so that the inspectors can contact them.

The pollution reporting platform aims to improve the cooperation of the State Environmental Inspectorate with the citizens, enable better coordination in inspection activities at state and local level and provide greater insight in the work of inspectors in the field.

The platform was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Communication Studies within the “Clear it Up” campaign, which is funded by the British Embassy in Skopje.

Video animations of how the platform works can be downloaded HERE.


Contact person:

Violeta Georgievska, State Environmental Inspectorate – ; 072 677 886