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The Institute of Communication Studies is a leading research organization in the field of journalism and media studies, public relations and corporate communications. Our mission is to contribute towards strengthening of Macedonian democracy by working with media, civil society and public institutions, educating a critical public that will ask for greater transparency and accountability through engagement in the policy creation process.


Fake News Week has ended

The Fake News Week, organized by the Institute for Communication Studies (ICS) for a third year in a row, is over. From 22 October to 3 November three workshops were held on recognizing fake news, including two webinars for online protection as well online debate on “Do we need a media diet?”

Three trainings that took place on 27 and 28 October saw around 50 high school students from the “Ismet Jashari” high school in Lipkovo, “Dobri Daskalov” high school in Kavadarci and “Vancho Prke” high school in Vinica. They all learned why it is important to be media literate and were acquainted with the different types of misinformation, including how to recognize them.

The „Be Safe Online: Tools for Recognizing Unsafe Content“ webinar included about 50 secondary school teachers who were acquainted with the unsafe content that lurks on the Internet, as well as tools to identify such content. The teachers received useful tips for online protection that will help them in their online teaching.

The „Remember! Internet always remembers!“ webinar included about 40 secondary school students who studied on how to maintain a cyber-hygiene and safely use the social media. 

The online debate “Do we need a media diet” which was organized on 30 October included discussion on the impact the social media have on the mental health and the behavior of the young people, what are the signs to recognize the Internet addiction and how to retain the mental health in the digital era. The debate also included presentation of the research carried out by the Institute for Communication Studies on the habits of the social media users.

New testimonies were published in the “The journalists make mistakes too” series, as part of the Fake News Week.

This year, the Fake News Week  also joined the activities of the Media Literacy Days organized by the Media Literacy Network.

Fake News Week is part of the “News and Digital Literacy Project: Where Fake News Fails” project implemented by the Macedonian Institute for Media; Institute for Communication Studies; Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers; and the Media Diversity Institute from London. The project is funded by the European Union.