About ICS

The Institute of Communication Studies is a leading research organization in the field of journalism and media studies, public relations and corporate communications. Our mission is to contribute towards strengthening of Macedonian democracy by working with media, civil society and public institutions, educating a critical public that will ask for greater transparency and accountability through engagement in the policy creation process.


Natalija Postruzhnik

NATALIJA POSTRUZHNIK, MA, is a PhD student at the Faculty of Management in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She holds a Master’s degree in German Linguistics with an emphasis on stylistic features and ethical norms and regulations of the Austrian and Slovenian media. She has a degree in journalism and German language and literature from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. She has been elected Professor of Public Relations and Communication Management at DOBA School of Applied Business and Social Sciences in Maribor, Slovenia. She has been working professionally in public relations and communications since 1995, starting as head of the public relations department in the municipality of Maribor, then as head of the cabinet of the Minister of Transport and Communications in Slovenia, and today works as head of the public relations department. the public and for marketing communications of the company “Zavarovalnica Maribor”. She was the President and Vice President of the Public Relations Association of Slovenia and the director of the non-profit institute School of Public Relations, established by the Association, where for a certain period she taught courses in the field of event management.

She chairs the 12th and 13th Slovenian Public Relations Conferences, where she also worked as an organizational manager for a year. She is the editor of the only newspaper of communication management “PiarNaKvadrat” and co-editor of the book “Trg, trgovina in potrošnik”. She has won several awards, including the InCo / InJo Movement Innovative Communication Award, the highest award of the Slovenian Public Relations Association – PiarNaKvadrat, the award for the best annual report among financial institutions in Slovenia of the Slovenian business newspaper “Finance” and others.

She has attended several seminars on brand management, direct marketing, advertising, sponsorship, business protocol, strategy, finance in Slovenia and abroad. She has participated in several international conferences on telecommunications, public relations, marketing, project management, etc.