The study program in Management of Media and Multimedia enables students to detect and explore social phenomena and issues in the scientific field of media and to develop innovative approaches to the interpretation, understanding and practice of the new trends in the media landscape. Students will improve their knowledge of:

  • techniques of critical and analytical thinking about the new role of the media in the public interest;
  • use of research methods for market analysis and segmentation of the audience;
  • practice of interactive and online journalism;
  • media entrepreneurship, multimedia production, and the specifics of media convergence;
  • effective management, sustainability and continuous development of leadership skills in this area;
  • promotion of free and pluralistic press and independence;
  • developing new media business models.

The interdisciplinary approach of the study program enables a wide range of areas - digital and social media, audiovisual industries, multimedia production, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, policy, interactive and inclusive journalism, research, academic writing, public diplomacy and global relations.

The study program enables future managers, researchers and experts who will be able to explore and analyze the changes in the media industry, to plan the financial requirements and the development of the medium and to undertake business ventures in new media and multimedia content production. Upon graduation, students can work in academic and research institutions in the field of media and communications, the media and other organizations for training, research and monitoring of the media, public opinion and market management level in online, electronic and print media, start their own business or work as independent researchers and consultants for media development. They can also pursue a doctoral degree in the same or related fields in the social sciences.

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