This study program enables students to detect and explore social phenomena and issues in the scientific field of communications and to develop innovative concepts for communication in a variety of social segments. The studies educate researchers, experts and managers of communications at the highest level, which are simultaneosly good strategists, creative professionals and flexible communicators. Students shall expand their knowledge in:

  • modalities of strategic communication;
  • financial issues;
  • methodologies for research;
  • specifics of the oral and written communication in the society;
  • development, conducting and evaluation of the campaigns;
  • development of leadership and negotiation skills;
  • crisis management, ethical and legal issues in winning the confidence of the public;
  • global perspective on the communications aspect of the intercultural communication and cultural diversity.

The interdisciplinary approach of the study program allows for a wide range of areas – startegic communications, digital media, research, academic writing, management, marketing, leadership, public diplomacy, global relations, entrepreneurship, economics, corporate finance, multimedia production and audiovisual industries.

Upon completing their studies, graduates can work in research and academic institutions, in organizations for training, research and monitoring of communications, media, public opinion and the market, managerial levels in the agencies for public relations, marketing and research, companies, state institutions, international organizations, NGOs, political parties, establish their own private business or work as independent researchers and consultants for communications. They can also pursue a doctoral degree in the same or related fields in the social sciences.

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