Knowledge-based economy imposes a need for continuous acquisition of new competences and skills in order to maintain a high quality of organizational productiveness and efficiency. The Institute of Communication Studies enables you to upgrade your communicational, entrepreneurial and leadership skills that will allow you to fully meet professional challenges, become more competitive and make use of advantages on the market.

ICS carries out one-year and two-year masters programmes for:

(1) Management of Strategic Communications
(2) Media Management and Multimedia

For whom are the studies intended
Do you want to pioneer new ways of thinking? Challenge the status-quo? Do you seek knowledge outside the traditional methods? With ICS that is possible. If you wish to improve your current communications and media qualifications or if you are searching for new interests to build up your professional portfolio, you can become one of our highly motivated post-graduates learning to become:

  • Leaders dedicated to creating and maintaining communicational changes in organizations and in society overall;
  • Innovative professionals in large or small organizations in developing public relations and the image and reputation of the organization;
  • Creative team leaders in private or public, for-profit or non-profit organizations.

A unique approach
We redefine the boundaries of learning so you can gain experience both through academic discipline and an innovative study frame. Our approach enables you to gain knowledge and skills through interaction with and the mentorship of established professors, well renowned professionals and leaders in society, who will inspire you to innovate and explore new ideas. The teaching process offers possibilities to put to practice your new knowledge in resolving specific professional challenges and to have an impact on the changes within an organization or in the field you are perfecting. You can also get involved with the projects the Institute is implementing because the teaching and learning process entails research activities. Thus, you become part of the team of young ICS researchers in the fields of public relations, corporate communications, integrated marketing communications, media and journalism.

Key benefits
Combining knowledge from various subjects allows you to gain interdisciplinary – communicational, business and leadership – competences and to strengthen your entrepreneurial way of thinking. Studying at ICS will ensure:

  • Knowledge and skills for gaining a competitive edge and efficient leadership behavior in the rivaling corporate environment;
  • Professional practicing of strategic communications and new media and ethical decision making in the management of communications and media;
  • Innovative solutions and strategies through projects with real clients and mentorship from top professional, which you can implement in your work or during the organized practice in the private or public sector;
  • Conducting research and strategic and critical understanding or the factors that have an impact on organizations and that shape the global community;
  • A wide range of online resources and materials that refer to your field of studies;
  • Interactive and flexible opportunities for learning through using a virtual classroom and information and communication technologies;
  • Establishing interaction and networking with highly qualified professionals;


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