The research of the Institute of Communication Studies is geared towards examining the nature and function of the communication processes, examining the organization and the social function of media associations, research on the suitability of media policy, and the impact these processes and systems have on individuals and social groups. The ICS’s publications are based on concepts and ideas grounded in various disciplines: they combine theoretical sources in sociology, politics, communication studies, psychology and marketing. The Institute’s publications, which are a result of a strong research component, are aimed to enrich primarily the theoretical knowledge in the field:

  • They are integrated into regional and global contemporary debates related to research on media, journalism and public relations;
  • They use innovative methodological approaches to analyze issues of concern;
  • They rely on modern theoretical approaches to problems.

The research activities of the Institute have a practical component - tremendously important for the development of journalistic practice and the body of knowledge necessary for the practitioners in the field of public relations:

  • The applied research is a building block in the development of ethical and professional codes necessary to serve as self-regulatory mechanisms in these professions;
  • The applied research informs practitioners of contemporary trends in journalism and public relations.

The Institute’s research activities are conducted in two main areas: (1) Journalism and media and (2) Public relations, corporate communications and integrated marketing communications.

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