saso bogdanovskiShasho Bogdanovski, M.Sc., has a master’s degree on "Convergent regulatory challenges for content browsers" at the postgraduate studies in new media at the Faculty of Communications and Media at University of New York in Skopje. He has completed a pan-European postgraduate programme in ECUM / ECUM-EST culture activities management, having had study visits to France, Romania and the Netherlands. For the needs of the program, he interned as a coordinator of some of the activities of the production house "Shinkansen" from London.

He currently works as a Senior Associate in the Programming Department at the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, and he was the Head of the Unit for Public Interest Programs and the Department for International Cooperation and Public Relations in the same institution. He previously worked on planning the annual programs of the program services and organizational units of Macedonian Radio, the reconstruction of the Ohrid Theater and as the director of the unit for implementation of the PHARE program of the European Union for the development of cultural activities in the Republic of Macedonia.

Bogdanovski worked on several research projects and his professional papers were published in Macedonian, English, French, German and Serbian.

Bogdanovski is a member of the initiative committee for development of the Strategy for Cultural Development, Public Forum for Cultural Policy organized by "Multimedia" and the association for cultural activities "Mesto", Skopje. He was a correspondent of the European Audiovisual Observatory of Strasbourg and the Institute of European Media Law EMR from Saarbrucken, Germany. He collaborated in the preparation of the databases for "IRIS Merlin" and "KORDA", and is also a permanent correspondent of the specialized monthly magazine IRIS that publishes articles in the field of regulation of audio-visual activities.


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