Ilija Piperkoski

Ilija Piperkoski, M.Sc., graduated from the National University of Theater and Cinema "ILCaragiale" in Bucharest, Romania, where he later received a master's degree in film directing. He is currently preparing his doctoral thesis at the same university.

He is the director of the feature film "The Last Macedonian from Macedonia", he directed two documentaries and two short films and one TV show, and was an assistant director of more than 20 feature films. He regularly participates in international and domestic festivals with his own or co-produced films. In 2012, his film was awarded as winner at the Timishort Film Festival in Matasari, Romania, and in 2009 it won second place for screenplay of the Manaki Brothers festival.

He is the owner of "Pandora`s Box" Productions and trainer for video production and script writing. He is engaged at the Institute of Communication Studies as a practical expert in the fields of multimedia production and social media.


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