unesco   The Masters Studies of the Institute of Communication Studies are implemented under the umbrella of the UNESCO Chair for Media, Dialogue and Mutual Understanding, established in 2011 with the founder of ICS, the School of journalism and Public Relations. The UNESCO Chairs and the UNITWIN networks have the primary goal of building the capacity of high educational and research institutions, through the exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences, in the spirit of international solidarity.
gampil   Developing the Media Literacy Programme of ICS was fortified with the joining of its founder, the School of journalism and PR into the (Global Alliance for Partnership on Media and Information Literacy - GAPMIL), initiated by UNESCO, the UN Alliance of Civilizations, UNICEF, Open Society Foundation, IREKS, the European Commission and other UN agencies.
ejc001   The European Journalism Center provides support and is partner in various projects the ICS has implemented for promoting the status of journalism and the media, as part of its Media Literacy Programme.
unicef   The UNICEF Office in Skopje has supported the competition ‘Express Yourself Through Media’ which targets talented secondary school students in the field of media and is being implemented as part of the Media Literacy Programme at ICS.
  ICS collaborates with the Macedonian Institute for Media in promoting, developing and implementing professional and ethical standards in the field of journalism and the media, and in promoting the skills and knowledge of media professionals.
  The Institute of Communication Studies and the Center for Investigative Journalism "Scoop" work together on realizing joint goals for promoting the professional standards in the media and especially promoting, supporting and encouraging investigative journalism.

The research agency M-Prospect and ICS have signed an Agreement for implementing joint research projects that contribute to the protection, professionalization and promotion of communications and public relations.

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