The longevity and profitability of companies completely depends on how skillfully they are managed. In order to ensure business success, top companies rely on continuous vocational training and developing of their staff. The three most common needs for corporate trainings and consultations are:

        Developing leadership skills;
        Resolving certain problems or challenges;
        Supporting successful business transition and promotion.
ICS is in close cooperation with all clients, because what works for one organisation may not work for another. Our multifaceted approach helps us launch a correct and long-term solution tailored to your specific needs. The network of experienced ICS trainers and consultants will help your organization build its internal capacity, remove obstacles and place knowledge into context. We will transfer all of our expertise as reliable partners so you can effectively face business challenges and accomplish the results you deserve.

ICS offers a wide selection of possibilities to improve in various areas:

        Strategic communications
        Management and leadership
        Global and inter-cultural relations
        Digital media and multimedia production
        Investigating and academic writing

Having in mind that most professionals working in organizations need skills from several different areas, ICS can create a development model that best suits the unique needs of your company. Our personalized approach to every undertaking allows us to deliver the right solution.

Our domestic and foreign trainers with rich professional expertise will adapt the content of the training in accordance with your unique process, methodologies, tools and forms. The case studies and exercises will be modified to present specific examples relevant to your business and your team. The length and manner of delivering the training will also be adjusted and flexible, so we can ensure success. The employees who will finish the trainings will receive certificates from the Institute of Communication Studies.

A 5 stage approach

Our five-stage approach guarantees every client to receive the most adequate option for training and that there will be a maximum return on the investment in the training. The training is the key part of the process of upgrading your company’s performance; however it is neither the starting nor the finishing step. The five-stage approach reflects our dedication to support your organization in every step of the process.

Step 1: Research – Assessment and analysis of the state and competences
Step 2: Planning – setting up a plan and objectives
Step 3: Implementation – delivering the training, coaching and mentorship as well as implementation of what was learnt
Step 4: Monitoring and evaluation – Feedback, monitoring progress and performance indicators
Step 5: Closing – Reporting and presenting the results

First and foremost our experts will estimate the corporate processes, communicational issues and lack of skills in your organization so we can set the right goals for the training, determine measurable results and expected corporate benefits. We will map out your strengths and weaknesses and we will direct and revise them during the training.

Based on a thorough analysis, we will suggest a comprehensive training solution with application of various developmental methods in accordance with your organization’s specific needs.

The training will refer to specific situations and problems your organization is facing on a daily basis. The ‘hands-on learning’ method will be applied and we will focus on practical tasks and empirical examples. We combine training with coaching and mentorship, giving expert advice when needed and appropriate. The literature and resources that ICS has available add to the value of corporate trainings. The training materials will be constantly available and the participants will have the advantage of using parts of the content that are best suited for their professional background and qualifications, and utilize them in developing their professional projects. During the training the participants will be regularly asked to give feedback to make sure that the programme and the resources are adequate for their professional practice and they can be directly applied.

At the end of the training, each participant will get a task to show how they would implement their newly acquired knowledge and know-how. The trainers will use realistic and specific situations from the industry in structuring these tasks and they will work closely with the staff in applying the acquired skills and techniques while making the projects, according to the interests and needs of your organization.

Although we recommend our five stage approach, the client decides if all services should be provided, or a combination of some or just one service!

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